Introducing Pharmacy Parsian Hospital

The pharmacy of the Parsian hospital is located on the western side of the hospital floor. The work hours of this pharmacy are from 8 am to 4 pm. The personnel employed include two medical technicians and one technical officer (pharmacist). The pharmacy only supplies the drugs needed to the patients admitted to the hospital and the sale of medication to outpatient patients is not within the scope of its duties.

Drugs required by each department are administered by the departmental instructor. Pharmacy staff then, after seeing the request of each department and confirming it, collect the required drugs in each department by the pharmacy technician, and then the drugs are taken by the pharmacist in terms of drug interactions, medication order The length of stay of the patient is reviewed and delivered to the nurses through the departments.
The pharmacy is located on the eastern side of the hospital, and the pharmacy's required drugs are provided on request and confirmed by the technical officer through the central warehouse.